Isolde, Brangäne und Marke

Barbara Kinga Majewska - Komposition, Stimme, Inszenierung / Composition, Voice, Staging

Kompositionsauftrag des SWR / Commisioned by SWR

Uraufführung / Premiere • 21/10/2017 • Kasino, Donaueschingen

Part of MINOR MUSIC curated by Michał Libera

MINOR MUSIC is an ironic commentary on the idea of the master-piece. Three musical milestones are reinterpreted in a new, deliberately small setting. This brings the musical substance of the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, and Karlheinz Stockhausen to the fore. At the same time, this loss of their grandeur and sublime facade also means that the works are at constant risk of descending into the ridiculous.