solo exhibition with sounding sculptures and performative programme at Galeria Wschód in Warsaw

[solfège — a method of reading music notes with voice]

Little Solfège exhibition is the consequence of ten years of creating and performing vocal music. In her first solo exhibition, Barbara Kinga Majewska does not change her artistic tool — it is still her voice. It only becomes more articulated and objectified than in its audible form. The works collected at the exhibition recreate the mechanisms that turn voice into singing in the subjective perception of the listener. Between the admiration and embarrassment that accompany these mechanisms, between awe and shame of which they are the source, between the temptation of revealing their secrets and ethos of keeping them safe, there is a thin line that establishes the difference between reading music notes with voice and singing.

Three performances — Lotta, Embellishment and Readings from the Book of Visitors, that are integral part of Little Solfège create a variational sequence that fills the gallery's opening hours. As part of the performances, Majewska interprets the phenomena that are on the margins of great vocal myths, schools and gestures — all that without staging the opera.